Welcome to the Manchester eScholar blog. Manchester eScholar is The University of Manchester's institutional repository and is made up of a suite of services.
The Manchester eScholar Support Team - from left to right, Phil Butler, Nilani Ganeshwaran, Scott Taylor, Thom Grahame and Jon Besson
Manchester eScholar Services is supported by a small team of individuals hosted by John Rylands University Library. Our mission is to
  • sustain and enhance the research reputations of individuals and organisations affiliated with The University of Manchester
  • enhance the global research community's ability to access The University of Manchester's research outputs
This blog is to share what's new with Manchester eScholar, digital repositories and scholarly communication and our experiences of supporting a repository service for a large university. Example future articles will cover, our communication strategy, aspects of our digital curation activities, technical stuff, briefings on workshops and conferences attended, and our approaches towards research data management.
So watch this space.